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February 2021

Twelve Pictet funds awarded the Febelfin “Towards Sustainability” label

The “Towards Sustainability” label, under the initiative of Febelfin, the Belgian financial sector federation, is a quality standard that certifies that a fund is managed with sustainability in mind and is not exposed to companies with very unsustainable activities. The label is awarded following a thorough analysis of a fund.



The Twelve Pictet funds awarded the "Towards Sustainability" label are:

Pictet Asset Management believes in responsible capitalism and takes an enlarged view of the economy and its interactions with civil society and the natural environment. The Belgian certification of our funds is part of a global approach that includes the integration of ESG criteria into all our investment strategies. This investment approach also responds to a need observed among investors to give meaning to their investments.

It is probable that we will apply for the “Towards Sustainability” label for other funds in the future. In the award process, products are evaluated according to very strict criteria, with the Central Labelling Agency (CLA) ensuring independent oversight and protecting the integrity of the quality standard.
More information on the label can be found on the website www.towardssustainability.be.