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Fixed Income

We cultivate the independence of our investment teams which we believe is crucial to encouraging innovation and delivering the best outcomes for clients.

Specialist teams supported by well-resourced investment platform

We have been building our fixed income business since the early 1990s, adding to our capabilities as we have sought to meet client demand and sourced compelling future market opportunities.

Our team of nearly 90 fixed income investment professionals is based in Geneva, London, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our traders and product specialists offer the support that ensures our independent asset management teams can stay focused on generating the best possible risk-adjusted returns.


Our priority is ensuring that each one of our independent fixed income teams is focused only on investing, while benefiting from the support of our wider platform.

Raymond Sagayam, CIO Fixed Income

We do not impose a central investment style on our fixed income teams. But each team adheres to three broad principles:

Diversification, which is at the core of all of our fixed income portfolios.

A free exchange of ideas generated by our experienced analysts and encouraged by our team-based approach, followed by the clear ownership of investment decisions by the portfolio managers.

Risk management, which is key to achieving investment objectives. Our fixed income platform benefits from a dedicated risk management function whose forward-looking analysis helps our managers to calibrate the risk exposure of each client portfolio. Our risk team's scrutiny of portfolio exposure helps drive transparent and precise feedback to our clients on how their assets are truly faring.