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December 2018

Global Megatrend Selection - 10 is the magic number

Whatever happens to individual companies or countries in the future the key strategic drivers – urbanisation technology resources healthcare – are likely to have a continual and significant impact on the global economy.

Pictet-Global Megatrend Selection strategy was launched in 2008 to capture the companies benefiting from these long-term changes, or megatrends, that are changing the way we all live. It is these companies that we believe will be the future winners in the global stock markets.

10 distinct investment ideas - one strategy

The approach gives access to all ten of our thematic strategies in one solution. Each of our thematic strategies is managed by a team of dedicated specialist investment managers who are expert in their field and conduct meticulous company-by-company research. They use a highly active process designed specifically for thematic portfolios. Each strategy also benefits from a dedicated advisory board made up of eminent scientists, business leaders and academics. This allows our portfolio managers to test their views and provide a deeper understanding of their theme.

our ten themes
10 themes of pictet global megatrend selection

A 10 year story

Back in 1995 we began developing thematic equity funds and in 2008 we launched Pictet-Global Megatrend Selection strategy to provide our clients access to all our themes in one solution.

global megatrend selection evolution
global megatrend selection timeline

A 10% annualised performance since launch

Pictet GMS performance

Source: Pictet Asset Management, as of 12/10/2018

Having managed thematic investments for more than 20 years, we have discovered that by focusing on megatrends, we have been able to help our clients develop a longer-term perspective. This has not only proved invaluable during times of financial and economic uncertainty and change – it has also been a source of investment success.