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[2020年 9 月 3 日],香港 – 瑞士百达资产管理(香港)有限公司(以下简称「瑞士百达资产管理」) 发现载有某些声称瑞士百达资产管理手机应用程序的可疑网站,提醒公众注意。 

瑞士百达资产管理提醒公众人士,本公司之官方网址为 www.am.pictet,瑞士百达资产管理的手机应用程序 (即Pictet AM) 只能于App Store 及 Google Play 下载。客户应从此等渠道下载本公司的应用程序。其他网站及其载有的应用程序均与本公司无关。此外, 瑞士百达资产管理只会通过持牌金融机构销售产品,并无直接销售渠道。假若你因投资而蒙受损失或已汇款到这些网页或手机应用程序中指定的帐户, 请你尽快向警方报案。 假若你担心已经披露了个人资料,请你向个人资料私隐专员公署提出投诉。

Important notice

Alert of suspicious mobile apps in the name of Pictet Asset Management

[3 September 2020], Hong Kong – Pictet Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited (“Pictet Asset Management”) would like to alert the public of certain suspicious webpages that might be hosting mobile apps that claimed to be from Pictet Asset Management.

Pictet Asset Management would like to remind the public that our official website is www.am.pictet and Pictet Asset Management’s mobile apps (i.e. Pictet AM) are only available for download at App Store and Google Play.  Clients should only download Pictet Asset Management’s apps from these two channels. All other webpages and apps other than aforementioned are unrelated to Pictet Asset Management. In addition, Pictet Asset Management will only sell products through licensed financial institutions and have no direct sales channels. If you are concerned that you have suffered losses as a result of making any investment or transferring money to an account specified in such webpages or mobile app, please report to the police immediately. If you are concerned that you may have disclosed sensitive personal information, please file the complaint with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data.