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Sustainable credit: ESG is key
Properly assessing a company's environmental social and governance credentials gives credit investors an edge
Frédéric Salmon, Head of Credit October 2019
Demystifying currency hedging in fixed income
Investing overseas means investing in a foreign currency too. That can make life a little more complicated particularly for bond investors.
Mickael Benhaim, Head of Fixed Income Investment Strategy & Solutions February 2019
The trouble with bonds
Quantitative easing and its effects on fixed income markets are here to stay. Investors ignore that at their peril.
Andres Sanchez Balcazar, Head of Global Bonds July 2018
Why investors shouldn't fear higher bond yields
US 10-year Treasury yields have breached 3 per cent heralding tougher times for bond investors. Flexibility and a longer time horizon can boost...
Andres Sanchez Balcazar, Head of Global Bonds May 2018
Demystifying credit default swaps
Used responsibly and judiciously credit derivatives can help reduce the risks that come with bond investing.
Stéphane Rüegg, Senior Client Portfolio Manager January 2018
Pictet-Multi Asset Global Opportunities reasons to invest
This global multi-asset fund aims to deliver attractive returns using a dynamic asset allocation approach with a focus on reducing volatility.
August 2017
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