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Emerging Market hedge funds

What we offer you:

  • Over 10 years' experience investing in emerging markets using a long/short approach
  • The firm has been running hedge fund strategies for nearly 15 years
  • Solutions to help investors meet their long-term objectives with less reliance on market direction
  • Independent and focused teams supported by broader firm resources and infrastructure

We have been managing long/short investment strategies since 2004 and are among the largest hedge fund managers in Europe1, with investment teams across 5 locations. We offer a broad range of hedge fund strategies investing in equities, fixed income, or with a multi-strategy approach, across global and regional mandates. 


Our Emerging Market hedge fund approach

Each of our EM hedge fund strategies is run by a specialist, focused team based in the region it covers to benefit from local talent, corporate access, industry contacts, and same time zone trading.

Our strategies seek to help investors gain exposure to the inefficiencies and structural growth and transformation of emerging markets with less volatility, helping to better weather market stress and compound returns over time.

Centralised risk management, trading, and operational infrastructure keep our teams focused on unearthing investment opportunities with attractive risk/reward.

For more information on our EM hedge funds, contact your usual Pictet AM representative or click on 'Contacts' at the bottom of this page.