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Investors are finding it more difficult than ever to navigate the financial markets due to the growing influence of central banks and an increasingly volatile political climate. Here, our economists, strategists and portfolio managers shed light on the investment developments that matter most.

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Market views and asset allocation - February 2020
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit
The economic impact of the coronavirus
Our chief economist Patrick Zweifel assesses the impact the virus could have on growth in China and emerging markets
Patrick Zweifel, Chief Economist February 2020
Emerging market stocks: where the profits flow
Why investors could be severely underestimating the profitability of emerging market companies.
Laurent Nguyen, Head of Quest Equities, Gabriele Susinno, Senior Client Portfolio Manager February 2020
Chinese onshore bonds: going mainstream
The inclusion of renminbi-denominated debt in the flagship global benchmark bond index will transform the asset class into a strategic investment.
Cary Yeung, Head of Greater China Debt February 2020
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