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Edit Global Articles

The Global Articles functionality purpose is to centralise the common articles that can be shared across many countries, so that the contributors don’t have to maintain multiple items with the same content, but only one main content item that can be used for several local websites.

Actions like editing content, publishing the item, adding new language versions, removing language versions, removing a country from the list where the article will be available and removing the article itself will reflect under the selected countries.

The Global Administrators and the Global Publisher contributors can edit and maintain the content at the global level.

Global Articles main procedures

The Global Article items are designed in the same manner as the local articles. As content, the same components can be used as for the local articles and the same type of pages can be defined: small, medium and long article types with their specific display / content.

Also, the standard procedure for creating articles applies: the items are grouped under article folders.

Important Note:

The structure of the Global Article folders is important because the same structure will be reflected at the local country level, therefore the url will be created using the defined structure. Please make sure the folder structure is not too deep and does not contain repetitive information!

Important Note:

For more information about how to create new global articles, please refer to chapter 3.2.2, How to create a Global Article.

Global Articles contributing

After creating the Global Article (from Content Editor or Experience Editor), the contributors can add content from Experience Editor platform, using the available components defined for the Main Content and Bottom Content sections.

Important Note:

The article cannot be visualised on Preview database before selecting a target country, option available only from Content Editing - see image below.

Country reference
Global Articles

Country reference multilist field

 When editing a Global Article, the recommended approach would be to finish the editing of the article (adding content, reviewing content, polishing the last details) having only one country selected in the multi select field. In this manner, all the background processing executed on Save action will take less time because only one local country is processed. Once the article achieves the final editing state, all the countries where the current article should be available can be selected.

The logic connection between the global article and a country is achieved by creating automatically on Save action a local reference item at the local level, keeping the same folder hierarchy.

Global Articles
Global article in content editor
Global Articles

Updating a Global Article

     A. Saving action

When updating a global article, all the changes will be available for the local countries only after the Save action is executed.

     B. Publish action

When publishing a Global Article, the local references are also published, therefore the contributors don’t have to manually publish the local information.

    C. Remove country from Multi Select

When removing a country from the multi select field, the local reference will be deleted from the Content Editor.

If the local reference is used as a related article or as an article tile, the recommendation would be to eliminate all the references first by changing them with references to another article before removing it. Otherwise, some blank article tiles may be displayed

When we remove a country from the multi select, in order to have the information consistent in the Preview and Web databases, both Global Article and the parent of the local reference should be published!

Opposing the Publish action on save/update global article which is taking care of all the operations required at the local level, an automatic publish at the local level for Remove Country from the multi select  is not possible as the performance of the action would be severe affected and error in processing might occur.

Important Note:

Please make sure that the local reference of a global article is not used as Related Articles or Article Tiles before removing it!

Important Note:

Please remember to also publish the parent of the local reference when the global article is published after a Remove Country from the multi select field action!

D. Remove Version of the Global Item

When a version of the global article is removed, the removed at the local article is automatically triggered.

Still, in order to have the Preview and Web Databases reflecting the information from the Content Editor, both Global Article and the parent of the local reference should be published.

Important Note:

Please remember to also publish the parent of the local reference when the global article is published after a Remove version action!

E. Remove Global Article

When a Global Article is completely removed, all the references under the related countries are also removed from Content Editor.

However, after the remove action, all the parent folders of the old article should be published: the folder at the global level and the folders under the countries, in order to align the target databases.

Important Note:

Please remember to publish the parent of the removed global article and all the parent folders under all the countries where the removed global article was available!