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Thematic investing

Timber: sustainable material sustainable investment
Already versatile and renewable timber is fast-becoming the ultimate sustainable material thanks to new technology. Investors should take note.
The Thematic Advisory Board May 2019
How megatrends power thematic equities
Thematic equity strategies invest in companies whose prospects are underpinned by powerful forces of change we know as megatrends.
February 2020
Built to deliver: thematic equity portfolios
How every aspect of the thematic portfolio construction process is geared to helping investors secure better returns from their equity investments.
March 2019
Back to the future
How Pictet Asset Management pioneered the thematic approach to equity investing.
Hans Peter Portner, Head of Thematic Equities November 2018
Buying into the theme
Specialist companies usually make for effective innovators and therefore attractive investments. That's why they feature prominently in our thematic...
October 2018
Thematic Advisory Boards: experts that give our investment managers an edge
Philippe Rohner, Chairman of Thematic Advisory Boards November 2018


Mega is an online magazine that features the people and companies looking to solve some of the world's most complex environmental, technological and societal problems - the kind of human ingenuity Pictet Asset Management aims to harness in its thematic equity portfolios.

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SmartCity: building our urban future
Around the world cities are adapting to the demands of a swelling population by embracing sustainability and investing in new technologies. That's...
October 2019
Nutrition: investing in the future of food
Help prevent and cure disease with nutrition1
September 2019
Healthy living: a trend worth investing in
As a society we're spending more on health. For investors that presents new opportunities in the health nutrition biotech and environmental sectors.
August 2019
The stimulus of superfoods
Superfoods are not essential for a healthy diet. Nevertheless the focus on these beneficial nutrients may benefit people and the environment.
June 2018
Electric driving more of an e-volution than a revolution
Electric cars could be a gamechanger in the field of sustainable transportation. But delivering on that promise will take time.
May 2018
Biotech aims at curing Alzheimer’s disease
Progress is being made in the care of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Until the medical biotechnology industry finds a cure dementia villages are...
May 2018
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