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Thematic investing

Our world is changing, shouldn't your investments change too?

Our partner site Mega depicts some of the megatrends shaping all our futures. At Pictet Asset Management we aim to turn these ideas into investments.

Megatrends are a discrete group of powerful social, demographic, environmental and technological forces of change that are reshaping our world. These trends are transforming the way countries are governed, companies are run and people live their lives. Their impact includes the digitalisation of the economy, the rapid expansion of cities and the depletion of the Earth's natural resources.

There are many ways you can contribute to making a better tomorrow. One is through your investments. At Pictet Asset Management, we have developed investment strategies which identify innovative companies providing solutions to the socio-economic, environmental or technological challenges faced globally.

From megatrends to investable theme

Analysing and understanding these ideas is a complex task, one that requires a broad range of skills. We work closely with a distinguished group of industry practitioners and academics who have developed a deep understanding of the structural trends transforming our world. It has changed our thinking about what a better functioning economy would look like and the companies set to be the future winners.

Once we understand the key themes driving society, we identify which areas of business activity are mostly heavily affected by them. For example, our Robotics strategy emerges at the intersection of the below five megatrends. It aims to identify companies that address long term challenges, such as the ageing population or inefficient use of scarce resources. 

megatrends wheel ROBOTICS
The megatrends impacting our Robotics strategy.

Through our work on megatrends we have developed 14 thematic strategies: Biotech, Clean Energy, Digital, Global Environmental Opportunities, Global Megatrend Selection, Global Thematic Opportunities, Health, Nutrition, Premium Brands, Robotics, Security, SmartCity, Timber and Water. With over 20 years’ experience pioneering thematic investing, we believe these strategies will deliver better outcomes not just for our investors, but for everyone.