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Volatile equity markets and low bond yields mean clients are increasingly turning to market neutral and directional strategies. The development of our Pictet Total Return range has been a natural extension for us given our consistent emphasis on delivering alpha in our long-only strategies extensive research resources and history of developing innovative investment strategies.

Market-leading hedge fund strategies

We have had funds with long-short investment approaches since 2004 but demand for absolute rather than relative returns picked up after the 2008 global financial crisis. We now offer a broad range of hedge fund strategies investing in equity, fixed income and multi strategy approaches, across global and regional mandates. The funds span market-neutral and relative-value long/short vehicles.

For over 10 years we have shown our commitment to institutions looking for alternative return sources by building a well-resourced range of hedge fund strategies.

Renaud de Planta, Chairman Pictet Asset Management

The support of a wider investment platform

Each of our total return strategies is run by a specialist, focused independent team, but crucially they benefit from the wider operational platform and risk oversight of being within an established European Asset Manager. Operationally this includes a dedicated trading desk just for our total return teams, but also encompasses access to wider investment and research teams within Pictet Asset Management as well as the access to external corporate management teams.

All of the above resources have one significant benefit for our clients: they allow each of our hedge fund teams to be very focused on meeting their performance objectives.

In May 2016 we were honoured to win Best Group in the Hedge Funds Review, European Single Manager awards.

We hire the best investment managers and allow them time to develop their strategies.

Doc Horn, Head of Total Return Equities