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Pioneers in EMD

We were early in anticipating the growth in institutional demand for emerging market debt. We began developing our capability in hard currency since 1998 and local currency in 2006.

As a pioneer in emerging market debt (EMD), we understand the need to be constantly evolving to ensure we deliver the outcomes our institutional clients demand. We now offer a broad range of global and regional strategies, including a standalone EM currency strategy. 

We believe this is one of the most comprehensive EMD offerings in the industry.

Our investment method combines a top-down view of the macroeconomic environment with a bottom-up analysis of country fundamentals. We have a large and diverse group of regional experts working as one integrated team across time zones in Asia and Europe.

With our heritage in EMD, we draw on deep reserves of experience to identify future opportunities.

Mary-Therese Barton, Head of Emerging Market Debt

A key differentiator is what we call our 'all weather' approach. Emerging markets are often risky. Our aim is to deliver excess returns relative to the benchmark in different market environments. We take active views within a tight risk budget. We improve our success by managing stop and profit levels in a disciplined manner.