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Rise of emerging Asia: promising investment opportunities in the next five years
Which EM Asia asset classes do we expect to do well in the future? Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit presents return forecasts for emerging...
July 2021
Divergences open up EM opportunities
Mary-Therese Barton, Kate Griffiths September 2021
Market views and asset allocation - September 2021
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit

Why invest in Asia?

Thanks to the region's growth potential and better management of the pandemic, Asia has become a core asset with superior long-term growth characteristics. Find out how to capture the investment potential of Asia.

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Messenger RNA: The Outsiders Strike Back
The development of effective vaccines against the coronavirus in the space of just 10 months has elevated mRNA to the status of a virtual saviour of...
September 2021
The case for active investing in China just got stronger
In the current fluid regulatory environment, investing in Chinese shares calls for an active investment approach.
Kiran Nandra September 2021
Divergences open up EM opportunities
Rarely have emerging economies been subject to such powerful and conflicting forces. The result is a considerable dispersion in opportunities for...
Mary-Therese Barton, Kate Griffiths September 2021
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