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Controlling volatility

Defence in depth: building a more resilient portfolio
Deploying multiple lines of defence can help investors build a truly resilient portfolio of stocks.
Laurent Nguyen, Head of Global Defensive Equities, Gabriele Susinno, Senior Client Portfolio Manager August 2018
Defensive equities: a stable path to superior returns
Achieve superior returns by investing in attractively-priced defensive firms that have stable profitability and prudent growth history
Laurent Nguyen, Head of Global Defensive Equities November 2017
Multi Asset The long, the short and the neutral: uncovering hedge funds' functional properties
Long/short and market neutral strategies can play a key role in portfolio construction.
February 2017
Alternative Investments The Chinese dragon: powered by consumers
China's increasingly affluent and discerning consumers are opening up new investment opportunities. A long/short approach can help minimise risk.
Lan Wang Simond, Senior Investment Manager February 2017
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