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Multi Asset

Multi Asset Not looking great: what the yield curve says about stocks
An inverted yield curve is a bad omen for the economy and stock markets.
Luca Paolini, Chief Strategist August 2018
Multi Asset Trade wars: assessing the damage
The trade war has started to claim its victims. We add up the damage so far – on both sides of the barricades.
Patrick Zweifel, Chief Economist August 2018
Multi Asset Weathering the trade storm
Despite escalating trade tensions, the global economy and corporate profits remain resilient.
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit August 2018
Multi Asset Will fortune favour a bold BOJ?
The BOJ takes a step towards controlling the equity market in a shift that could generate fresh gains for Japanese stocks.
Steve Donzé, Senior Macro Strategist, Hiroshi Matsumoto, Deputy Head of Investments and Products August 2018
Multi Asset The age of risk
What will be the consequences of an ageing population on the world economy, pension portfolios and financial markets? Higher-risk investing is one...
Supriya Menon, Senior Multi Asset Strategist July 2018
Multi Asset It's all about the sectors
As economies and central banks around the world move in lock-step, capital allocation by sector – rather than region – should prove a more effective...
Andrew Cole, Head of Multi Asset London July 2018
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