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Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets After the storm
Emerging market debt fundamentals remain attractive after this year's pull-back.
Mary-Therese Barton, Head of Emerging Market Debt, Alper Gocer, Head of EM Local Currency Debt October 2018
Emerging Markets After Argentina and Turkey, where next?
Turkey and Argentina have dominated the headlines, but the South African rand and Brazilian real are the next worst performing currencies since the...
Sabrina Khanniche, Senior Economist, Anjeza Kadilli, Economist September 2018
Emerging Markets Trip notes: Chasing Chinese Unicorns
The Chinese investible universe continues to grow and evolve, offering an exciting dynamic for fundamental investors in the region.
James Kenney, Senior Investment Manager August 2018
Emerging Markets Does macro matter?
In a year dominated by macroeconomic and geopolitical events, we delve into how much macro really matters.
John Moorhead, Head of Emerging Equities August 2018
Emerging Markets Turkey's ugly choices
Turkey's government has backed itself into a position where it faces unenviable policy alternatives. Investors are watching closely.
Klaus Bockstaller, Head of Global Emerging Markets (Value) August 2018
Emerging Markets Turkey: a canary in the emerging market coalmine?
Investors are concerned that Turkey's currency crisis could destabilise emerging markets and the world economy. That's unlikely.
Alain-Nsiona Defise, Head of Emerging Corporates, Mary-Therese Barton, Head of Emerging Market Debt August 2018
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