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Emerging Markets

A class apart: emerging Asia's fixed income market
Why investors seeking a stable and attractive source of return within a diversified bond portfolio should head to emerging Asia.
Raymond Sagayam, Chief Investment Officer - Fixed income December 2019
Chinese local currency debt: coming of age
China's onshore renminbi-denominated bond market is an emerging asset class of global significance.
Cary Yeung, Head of Greater China Debt October 2019
Waiting for China
After years of anticipation we might be nearing the entry of China into the widely used JP Morgan GBI-EM GD index.
Mary-Therese Barton, Head of Emerging Market Debt August 2019
Central European economies: decoupled from the Eurozone
Central European countries are defying Eurozone weakness with strong rates of growth. What is the reason and how can investors benefit?
Nikolay Markov, Senior Economist July 2019
GCC enter the EM club
China Turkey and Argentina  dominated the headlines in recent months but one emerging market story has been neglected. That of the oil-rich Gulf...
Sabrina Khanniche, Senior Economist June 2019
Video: five-year emerging markets outlook
Our Chief Strategist looks at what to expect from emerging markets over the next five years.
Luca Paolini, Chief Strategist June 2019
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