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Money Market Solutions

For over 200 years trust has been at the heart of the relationship with our clients around the world. Our Money Market solutions follow in this tradition.

Latest update

June 2019 - Moody's assigns Aaa-mf to two Pictet short-term money market funds

January 2019 - The Pictet Money Market Funds are compliant with the new European Money Market Regulation.

A trusted partner

Institutional investors operate in an extraordinarily difficult environment characterised by low returns, aging populations and increasing regulatory constraints. Achieving complex investment objectives has become more challenging than ever.

Client service is central to our money market offering, which was initially developed to serve the needs of our long-standing private banking clients, where client experience is central. We have two decades experience of managing money market products.

We offer an established range of four cash product families, domiciled across Luxembourg and Switzerland and in various currencies.

Key product characteristics
Fixed income money market.png

Source: Pictet Asset Management. All data as at 31.12.2020.

Money Market funds are a core offering at Pictet Asset Management. As at the end of December 2020, the Money Market team managed over $34.3bn in money market instruments.

Stéphane Couturier for Pictet

Dedicated team

The Money Market team comprises 4 managers with an average 25 years of industry experience, and a skill-set spanning risk management, fundamental and quantitative analysis and derivatives portfolio management across all main asset classes.

We run the largest AAA rated Swiss domiciled money market fund range.

Philippe Billot
Philippe Billot, Head of Money Markets

The team are all based in our Geneva head-office. They are fully dedicated to money markets and draw resources from Pictet Asset Management’s fixed income department, in particular our Credit and Economic Analysis teams. The team is also supported by a specialist money market trader.

Why invest with Pictet Asset Management Money Market solutions

  • Experienced and stable Money Market team, part of a leading European asset manager
  • Long & consistent track record
  • Active approach to managing client assets
  • Focus on risk management and capital preservation


Stephen Brewer

Tel: +41 58 323 3685

E-mail: sbrewer@pictet.com

Meet our Money Market team

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