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Investors are finding it more difficult than ever to navigate the financial markets due to the growing influence of central banks and an increasingly volatile political climate. Here, our economists, strategists and portfolio managers shed light on the investment developments that matter most.

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Thematic investing Invest in tomorrow's cities
Our latest thematic fund aims to capture the strong growth potential of companies finding smarter solutions to the urbanisation challenge.
September 2019
Emerging Markets Containing volatility in emerging market fixed income
An absolute return approach allows investors to earn alpha in emerging markets without having to endure extreme volatility.
Ketan Gada, Senior Investment Manager, Gareth Payne, Senior Client Portfolio Manager September 2019
Multi Asset Barometer: Expectations dashed  
As central banks aren't likely to deliver the volume of stimulus markets are hoping for, we remain underweight equities.
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit September 2019
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