Pictet Asset Management offers attractive career opportunities in financial centres around the world. 

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We aim to attract and retain highly talented individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, and help them to realise their personal and professional potential.

Our long-term perspective means we can foster the vision required to develop innovative ideas, creating an environment where independent minds can spark.

Our people

Our employees are our most valuable resource. It is in both our interests and theirs that they are able to develop both professionally and personally over the long term.

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At Pictet, we seek to motivate and recognize the contribution of each employee through merit-based compensation that is both objective and market-competitive.

In keeping with our core values, we have a remuneration system which is both equitable and fair, encouraging both cohesion and solidarity between colleagues across functions and different business lines, and between offices across the world.

We aim to reward staff through a fair mix of fixed and variable compensation which appropriately reflects the employee’s function, behaviour and individual contribution over time, as well as team, business unit and Group performance.


We recognize that, while employees are entitled to expect competitive, fair and transparent compensation, they look to us to offer a more complete reward package. Across the Group, remuneration is complemented by a comprehensive range of market-competitive benefits.

Performance management

The basis for any merit-based compensation is a solid performance management system, structured around an integrated approach to objective setting, performance monitoring and evaluation, and professional and personal development.

At Pictet, we strive to ensure that individual objectives are aligned with business strategy, that those objectives are clearly understood by the employee and that employee and manager share a common vision of successful performance.

Career development

At Pictet, we aim to attract and retain highly qualified people from a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds.

Throughout our history, our commitment to career and personal development over the long term has resulted in a turnover rate well below most of our competitors. This in turn has translated into a stability and continuity of service that is appreciated by our clients.