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US bond yields: nothing to see here?
Investors shouldn't get too anxious about a recent sell-off in US Treasuries
Luca Paolini, Chief Strategist April 2018
A dollar liquidity squeeze: echoes of the 2007 crisis?
There's a global shortage of dollars. Here's why investors shouldn't ignore it.
Steve Donzé, Senior Macro Strategist March 2018
Protectionism, populism and despots: why investing just got harder
How political upheaval in the US, Italy and China could redraw the economic and investment landscape.
Luca Paolini, Chief Strategist, Patrick Zweifel, Chief Economist, Andy Wong, Senior Investment Manager March 2018
What is an absolute return strategy?
An absolute return strategy aims to deliver positive real returns on an investment irrespective of whether markets are rising falling or flat.
What is a yield?

A yield is the income you get from an investment. It can come from either the interest received from a fixed income security such as a bond, or the...

What is the link between inflation and interest rates?
Inflation is the rate at which prices for goods and services rise and is measured as an annual percentage increase.
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