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An alternative approach to global equity investing

Thematic investing aims to identify the companies that will succeed in the future by focusing on the structural forces shaping our world: megatrends.

A future powered by global megatrends

Megatrends are the powerful socio-economic, environmental and technological forces that shape our planet.

The digitisation of the economy, the rapid expansion of cities and the depletion of the Earth’s natural resources are just some of the structural trends transforming the way countries are governed, companies are run and people live their lives.

At Pictet Asset Management, we have long recognised that such trends can give rise to attractive, long-term investment opportunities.

That is why, back in 1995, we began developing thematic equity funds, a family of investment strategies that enable investors to capitalise on the structural shifts transforming our planet. At the time, such an approach was considered niche.

But since then, thematic investing – which involves building stakes in specialist companies operating in dynamic industries – has shown its worth. 

Having managed thematic investments for more than 20 years...we have helped our clients develop a long-term perspective.

Hans Peter Portner
Hans Peter Portner Head of Thematic Equities

It’s an approach that is more relevant now than it was back then, not least because it requires investors to look beyond the short-term swings in the economic cycle and focus more on the long-term trends that really matter.

In fact, having managed thematic investments for more than 20 years, we have discovered that by focusing on megatrends, we have been able to help our clients develop a longer-term perspective. This has not only proved invaluable during times of financial and economic uncertainty and change – it has also been a source of investment success.