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Thematic equities: Investing in the future

Our thematic strategies are powered by the megatrends shaping our world and are designed to provide a source of sustainable capital growth.

Pictet Asset Management has been a pioneer in thematic investment for more than 20 years. We continue to dedicate significant resources to this area and work with world-renowned scientific institutions to remain leaders in the field.

The thematic philosophy and process we follow opens up a different, broader investment universe that lends itself exceptionally well to active management and avoids the pitfalls of the traditional regional/sector-based approach.

Our thematic teams work closely with leading industry practitioners to deepen their understanding of the trends transforming our world.

Hans Peter Portner, Head of Thematic Equities

Our thematic strategies aim to harness the potential of the companies that will succeed in the future. By identifying the megatrends changing the world, we believe we can select the long-term winners in the global stock markets. As a result, the approach has delivered positive investment returns over the long term.

Our team invests across a range of stand-alone strategies: Clean Energy, Digital, Global Environmental Opportunities, Health, Nutrition, Premium Brands, Robotics, Security, Timber and Water.

Meanwhile our Global Thematic Opportunities strategy invests in a concentrated portfolio of the best ideas from across our Pictet thematic teams.