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Multi Asset

Every multi asset portfolio we manage is designed with clients' goals in mind. Our investment platform offers a range of strategies to meet the needs of clients across our key markets.

Asset allocation strategies driven by client needs

Our Multi Asset team comprises experienced portfolio managers, analysts and strategists managing over EUR 17bn of assets1. The team consists of a rare blend of diverse investment skills across many asset classes in relatively small-size and informal platforms – creating an environment in which fresh ideas and original thinking can flourish. 

The team is also able to draw on the wider expertise of the firm's investment teams of equity and fixed income research analysts, economists, risk management specialists and other investment managers.

We believe active management of asset allocation is the most important generator of returns.

Olivier Ginguene, CIO Asset Allocation & Quantitative Investments 

Our Multi Asset team also houses the Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit (PSU), which is the in-house investment group responsible for providing asset allocation guidance across stocks, bonds, cash and commodities to our investment teams and our clients. Every year the PSU publish their Secular Outlook sets which sets out their return forecasts for major asset classes for the next five years.

Crucial to our overall multi asset approach is the investment we make in understanding our clients' investment objectives: their current strategic asset allocation and the way they see risks. This results in what we hope are fulfilling and lasting relationships for our institutional clients, some of which we have been working with for decades.