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Thematic investing Invest in tomorrow's cities
Our latest thematic fund aims to capture the strong growth potential of companies finding smarter solutions to the urbanisation challenge.
September 2018
Multi Asset Beyond the FAANGs
Shaniel Ramjee, Senior Investment Manager, Supriya Menon, Senior Multi Asset Strategist August 2018
Multi Asset Steady as she goes
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit September 2018
Responsible investment: the evidence stacks up
Sébastien Eisinger, Head of Investments August 2018
Defence in depth: building a more resilient...
Laurent Nguyen, Head of Global Defensive Equities, Gabriele Susinno, Senior Client Portfolio Manager August 2018
Thematic investing Ten years of Pictet-Digital
July 2018
Multi Asset A Secular Outlook: learn to love risk
Our five-year asset class return forecasts
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit June 2018
Emerging Markets
Broadening horizons: Read travel notes, country and sector views from our economists, equity, fixed income and hedge fund teams.
Thematic investing 5 questions for our SmartCity portfolio manager
Ivo Weinöhrl, Senior Investment Manager for Pictet's SmartCity strategy, explains how the powerful urbanisation trend is creating compelling...
September 2018
Emerging Markets After Argentina and Turkey, where next?
Turkey and Argentina have dominated the headlines, but the South African rand and Brazilian real are the next worst performing currencies since the...
Sabrina Khanniche, Senior Economist, Anjeza Kadilli, Economist September 2018
Search for income Sustainable credit: ESG is key
Properly assessing a company's environmental, social and governance credentials gives credit investors an edge
Frédéric Salmon, Head of Credit September 2018
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