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Plugging the income gap

Search for income Why investors shouldn't fear higher bond yields
US 10-year Treasury yields have breached 3 per cent, heralding tougher times for bond investors. Flexibility and a longer time horizon can boost...
Andres Sanchez Balcazar, Head of Global Bonds May 2018
Search for income The problem with passive bond funds
Passive bond funds are becoming popular with investors, particularly the exchange-traded kind. The trouble is, fixed income doesn't lend itself...
Mickael Benhaim, Head of Fixed Income Investment Strategy & Solutions April 2018
Search for income Absolute return in practice: prepared for anything
Absolute return fixed income has the flexibility to deliver attractive performance even at a time of rising interest rates.
Sarah Hargreaves, Senior Investment Manager, Thomas Hansen, Senior Investment Manager November 2017
Search for income EUR short-term credit: low duration response to negative rates
The prospect of tighter monetary policy and a solid corporate backdrop support EUR short-term credit as a higher-yielding alternative to cash
Justine Vroman, Investment Manager August 2017
Search for income Investing in a rapidly-changing bond market
Pictet's Absolute Return Fixed Income strategy offers a flexible, risk-controlled approach to bond investing.
Patricia Schuetz, Senior Client Portfolio Manager July 2017
Search for income EUR Short Term High Yield Debt: Five years on
From a builder of Swiss trams to a British cinema chain, the European short-term high yield market now offers a variety of attractive corporate...
Roman Gaiser, Head of High Yield February 2017
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