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Thematic investing

Thematic investing Seeing the wood for the trees
Pictet Asset Management's Timber Advisory Board analyses why wood product prices keep rising.
The Advisory Board March 2018
Thematic investing Global Environmental Opportunities: transforming sustainable investment
Thanks to the emergence of a thriving environmental products industry, investing to safeguard the planet no longer means sacrificing returns.
Luciano Diana, Head of Environmental Strategies, Marc-Olivier Buffle, Senior Product Specialist February 2018
Thematic investing Water preservation: Singapore leads, but others catching up
When it comes to water sustainability, Singapore is the global leader. But China is racing to close the gap.
The Advisory Board January 2018
Thematic investing Tech sector: same but different
Technology stocks are booming again. But that doesn't mean that we are due a repeat of the dot-com bust.
November 2017
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