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Multi Asset

Multi Asset Barometer: Five lessons from 2018
2018 was painful for most investors, a year that forced them to learn (or re-learn) a number of important lessons.
Luca Paolini, Chief Strategist January 2019
Multi Asset The Fed: pausing for thought?
The US Federal Reserve claimed its monetary policy tightening campaign would pass off without incident. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Steve Donzé, Senior Macro Strategist December 2018
Multi Asset Dividend yields cast UK stocks in favourable light   
Relative to government bonds, UK equity dividend yields are more generous than they've been for 60 years. That's something investors can't ignore,...
Supriya Menon, Senior Multi Asset Strategist December 2018
Multi Asset Barometer: Battening down the hatches 
With the outlook for the global economy darkening a shade and liquidity conditions less than buoyant, riskier asset classes face an uphill struggle.
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit December 2018
Multi Asset Barometer: The investment landscape in 2019
Investors should expect conditions to get tougher in 2019 as central banks are likely to continue tightening the monetary reins, leaving markets...
Luca Paolini, Chief Strategist November 2018
Multi Asset The paradox at the heart of the nine-year US stocks rally
Stock buybacks and passive investing is a combination that should worry US equity bulls.
November 2018
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