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Multi Asset

Multi Asset War and no peace
The effects of a full-scale trade war will extend far beyond the US and China, threatening stagflation worldwide.
Luca Paolini, Chief Strategist, Patrick Zweifel, Chief Economist May 2019
Multi Asset Barometer: Beware of exuberance
Exuberant global equity markets suggest optimism on economic growth and corporate earnings. Such expectations are likely to be disappointed.
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit May 2019
Multi Asset China: from threat to ballast
Effective government stimulus has transformed China from a threat to the world’s economic health to a stabilising force.
Patrick Zweifel, Chief Economist April 2019
Multi Asset Barometer: A correction looms for equities
With developed economies under pressure and corporate profit growth slowing, prospects for most stock markets look uninspiring.
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit April 2019
Multi Asset Not looking great: what the yield curve says about stocks
An inverted yield curve is a bad omen for the economy and stock markets.
Luca Paolini, Chief Strategist March 2019
Multi Asset Navigating populism
Investors need to prepare for increasingly populist and market unfriendly politics.
Shaniel Ramjee, Senior Investment Manager March 2019
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