Barometer: A little less growth, a little more inflation
Economic growth will soon slow but inflationary pressures could linger for some time. Which means investors should consider a more defensive stance.
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit June 2021
Investing whatever the (inflation) weather
Andres Sanchez Balcazar, Head of Global Bonds May 2021
European real estate: the core plus opportunity
In a world where inflationary pressures are rising but interest rates remain near zero, core plus real estate can offer investors a strong,...
Zsolt Kohalmi, Global Head of Real Estate and Co-Chief Executive Officer June 2021
Hedge funds' vital role in responsible investment
Hedge funds are at least as well placed as their long-only counterparts to uncover ESG investment opportunities and address sustainability risks.
Meraj Sepehrnia, Head of Total Return Sustainability, Nataliya Taleva, Senior Client Portfolio Manager June 2021
Demystifying inflation-linked bonds
With consumer prices ratcheting higher, investors are increasingly looking for products to protect them against inflation, like inflation-linked...
Mickael Benhaim, Head of Fixed Income Investment Strategy & Solutions, Manesh Mistry, Investment Analyst June 2021
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