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Pictet AM's  Swiss bonds investment specialists

March 2019

Our team

Following a team approach with clear responsibilities


Key figures


Source: Pictet Asset Management, as of 30.09.2018

Investment team 

Investment strategy and product definition is done following a team approach. At the same time, every team member has their own specialisation. Ermira Marika is overseeing the global portfolio strategy and the credit selection of foreign issuers. The domestic issuers are managed by Olivier Hildbrand, while Joël Hutter is responsible for emerging market issuers. To ensure the constant supervision and monitoring of portfolios, each fund/mandate is under the responsibility of a lead manager with the back-up of another team member. In addition, the Swiss Bonds team includes a senior trader, Matthias Gautschi, specialized in Swiss bonds, as well as a product specialist, Kristi Tasellari Hug.

We are also supported by Pictet Asset Management’s broader investment capabilities. For credit research, given the international reach and the high number of both domestic and foreign issuers in our universe, we can rely on 15 credit analysts located in Geneva, London, Singapore and Hong Kong. The Credit Research team is organised by sector or geographical area. Regular reviews are organized on a daily basis to discuss corporate results and expected credit events. The analysts have extensive industry relationships and investment networks with investment banks and rating agencies. They help us rank companies based on risk-reward (fundamentals versus market price) and protect from “blow-up” situations. The ultimate investment decision is taken by investment managers. 

Macroeconomic research 

Four economic analysts support the investment team in the definition of the broader macroeconomic picture. Nikolay Markov participates in every Swiss bonds team strategy meeting as he specializes in Swiss macroeconomics. However all four macro analysts intervene in the analysis of domestic and foreign factors relevant for interest rates strategies in our portfolios.

Risk management 

The investment team has a dedicated risk manager, Jonela Lula Chamay, who carries out risk controls and risk management of the portfolio activities on a daily basis and participates as well in our team strategy meetings.