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Institutional investors and consultants or Financial intermediaries?

Climate change and emerging markets after Covid-19
What are the risks and opportunities? Professor Hepburn and his team at the Oxford Smith School present their analysis in this exclusive report.
January 2021
Demystifying currency hedging
Mickael Benhaim February 2019

Why invest in Asia?

Thanks to the region's growth potential and better management of the pandemic, Asia has become a core asset with superior long-term growth characteristics. Find out how to capture the investment potential of Asia.

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Barometer: No time to buy?
With China's strong economic recovery from the pandemic at risk from the Evergrande debacle,  investors should look to shore up their defences.
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit October 2021
Messenger RNA: The Outsiders Strike Back
The development of effective vaccines against the coronavirus in the space of just 10 months has elevated mRNA to the status of a virtual saviour of...
September 2021
Barometer: Dealing with Delta
While the spread of the new Delta Covid variant has unsettled the global economy,  stimulus and vaccination programmes should prevent a sharp...
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit September 2021
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