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Multi Asset China: from threat to ballast
Effective government stimulus has transformed China from a threat to the world’s economic health to a stabilising force.
Patrick Zweifel, Chief Economist April 2019
Multi Asset Barometer: Beware of exuberance
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit May 2019
Emerging Markets South American rumbles
Adriana Cristea, Macro Strategist, Guido Chamorro, Co-Head EM Hard Currency Debt May 2019
Alternative Investments When trackers won't do: investing in China A-shares 
Chinese A-shares offer exciting investment opportunities - but it's also a market strewn with potholes. That's why an active approach makes most...
Lan Wang Simond, Senior Investment Manager April 2019
Emerging Markets
Broadening horizons: Read travel notes, country and sector views from our economists, equity, fixed income and hedge fund teams.
Swiss Bonds
Learn more from our Swiss bonds experts about the value of Swiss bonds in multi asset portfolios, their investment approach and latest developments in this core asset class.
Multi Asset War and no peace
The effects of a full-scale trade war will extend far beyond the US and China, threatening stagflation worldwide.
Luca Paolini, Chief Strategist, Patrick Zweifel, Chief Economist May 2019
Thematic investing Timber: sustainable material, sustainable investment
Already versatile and renewable, timber is fast-becoming the ultimate sustainable material thanks to new technology. Investors should take note.
The Advisory Board May 2019
Emerging Markets Argentina - in the midst of the storm
Battered by record-high inflation and interest rates, Argentina has been suffering since early 2018. Upcoming elections add to the uncertainty.
Anjeza Kadilli, Economist May 2019
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