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Investors are finding it more difficult than ever to navigate the financial markets due to the growing influence of central banks and an increasingly volatile political climate. Here, our economists, strategists and portfolio managers shed light on the investment developments that matter most.

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Multi Asset Barometer: Irrational exuberance
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit July 2019
Thematic investing Living beyond our means: Earth Overshoot Day
In less than seven months, humans have used up all the Earth's resources for 2019. Our model quantifies the environmental impact of human activity as...
July 2019
Emerging Markets Silver lining for renmimbi bonds
Why China's demographics will speed up the internationalisation of the country's local currency debt market.
Cary Yeung, Head of Greater China Debt July 2019
Thematic investing Working with robots: a Danish revolution
Humans working in close collaboration with robots are the future of industry, but safety is key.
The Advisory Board July 2019
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