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Asset allocation

Invest with the asset allocation specialists

January 2017

Our team of Percival Stanion, Andrew Cole and Shaniel Ramjee have been working together since 2001 and have an average 27 years experience. 

Based in London, the team draws on Pictet Asset Management’s array of economists, strategists, equity and fixed income research analysts, risk management specialists and other investment managers.

Our philosophy

Dynamic asset allocation is at the heart of the FP Multi Asset Portfolio investment process and enables the team to adapt to rapidly changing markets. They are not wedded to any particular asset class or benchmark and every investment decision is high conviction.
During times of uncertainty and risk aversion the team have the ability to increase the exposure to defensive assets, with the aim of controlling volatility and protecting the portfolio. The aim is to generate positive returns regardless of market and give your clients the comfort that they are investing with an experienced team who have seen it all before.

How can the fund help your clients?

The fund aims to produce equity-like returns but with less risk than investing in equities alone. We define long-term equity-like returns as cash plus 4% per annum, net of fees, over a 3-5 year period. The team aims to deliver this return with less than 75% of the risk of global equities over the same 3-5 year period.1

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Why invest with us?

  • Experience - The investment team have built a long and successful track record managing multi asset strategies.
  • Know how - Their experience of multiple bull and bear markets has taught them the value of high conviction investing and questioning the consensus.
  • Simplicity - They build their high conviction long-only portfolio from assets that are easily understandable and free of complexity and leverage.

For more information on the fund and how it has performed, please click on the link below.