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April 2017

Keeping investing simple

We are all living increasingly complicated lives so at Pictet Asset Management we believe investments should be kept as simple as possible. That is why our multi asset fund is designed with a clear investment objective and uses simple building blocks that are easily understood.

What does the fund aim to do?

The fund aims to produce equity-like returns, which we define as cash plus 4% per annum, net of fees, over a 3-5 year period. We aim to deliver this return with less than 75% of the risk of global equities.1

We aim to grow your capital whenever possible. However, during times of uncertainty and risk aversion we have the ability to increase exposure to defensive assets, with the aim of controlling volatility and protecting the portfolio.

Easy to understand

We do not invest in complicated financial products. Instead, we invest in a portfolio of everyday asset classes or investment securities that investors understand. The portfolio is primarily comprised of equity, fixed income and property, with smaller allocations to alternative investments.

We don’t use leverage, short positions, or any other opaque investment instruments. Our portfolio is transparent and easily understood.

Nimble and flexible

Our philosophy is that successful investing means getting the big, asset allocations decisions right. We are not wedded to any particular asset class or benchmark and every investment decision we make is high conviction.

We have the flexibility to invest directly in underlying securities, in a fund managed by Pictet Asset Management or in a fund managed by a third-party manager.

Our investment team

The Multi Asset Team has built a long and successful record managing multi asset funds through multiple bull and bear markets.

Andrew Cole and Shaniel Ramjee have been working together since 2001 and have an average 24 years’ experience. Based in London, the team draws on Pictet Asset Management’s array of economists, strategists, equity and fixed income research analysts, risk management specialists and other investment managers.