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Long-term saving the thematic way

Shouldn't the trends that change the world change your investments?

Major shifts in the environment, economies, society and populations are changing the world in which we live. How we react to these challenges will determine not only our futures, but those of future generations.

These challenges also provide opportunities for companies developing innovative solutions. Our thematic funds invest in those businesses that we believe will not only be the winners of the future but are helping to build a better world. For example, Pictet-Water invests in some of the companies aiming to solve the world's water scarcity and pollution challenges.

Pictet Asset Management is a recognised  pioneer in thematic investing , having built an extensive range of thematic funds over the past two decades. These funds are managed by a dedicated team focused solely on thematic investment.

Future proof your ISA allocation

No one can predict the future and investments can fall as well as rise. However, when considering your options for your long-term savings and as the end of the ISA year approaches, why not consider our range of thematic funds.

The links below contain further information on two of our leading thematic funds: Pictet-Robotics and Pictet-Water. These funds are designed to capture long-term returns from the global equity market by identifying the trends changing our world today and investing in the success stories of the future.

To find out more about our thematic funds or how to invest, please contact your investment advisor.