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Analysis of megatrends by Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

June 2021

Understanding megatrends

The analysis from our research partner CIFS sheds light on the structural trends transforming the world, helping us build better investment portfolios.

Pictet Asset Management has been working with the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS) for over a decade to establish a deeper understanding of megatrends – the powerful secular forces that are changing the environment, society, politics, technology and the economy. CIFS is a leading global think tank and consultancy. CIFS uses a wide range of research methods, developed over the last 40 years, which include megatrend analysis, scenario planning, risk management, innovation initiatives and strategy development.

Through our partnership with CIFS, we have devised an investment framework that incorporates CIFS’ 14 megatrends. The framework – which includes trends such as Demographic Development, the Network Economy, Focus on Health, Sustainability and Technology Development – enhances our thematic equity capabilities and informs the construction and development of our thematic equities strategies such as Water, Robotics or SmartCity.

As CIFS’ partner, Pictet Asset Management has access to research into areas not normally covered by the investment analyst community such as changes in societal attitudes and beliefs, the impact this has on the environment and the business sector, and the acceleration of technological development. We are proud to be associated with CIFS and would like to share some of their research with you.

Download the reports

The reports are only available in English. 

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