Thematic investing

SmartCity: building our urban future
Around the world cities are adapting to the demands of a swelling population by embracing sustainability and investing in new technologies. That's...
October 2019
Electric driving more of an e-volution than a revolution
Electric cars could be a gamechanger in the field of sustainable transportation. But delivering on that promise will take time.
May 2018
Soilless farming: agriculture goes vertical
Growing crops without the use of soil can help feed a growing world at a time when the amount of arable land is shrinking.
April 2018
Lab-meat from petri-dish to the supermarket
Vegetarian meat is gaining a place in the diet of more Europeans. However an even better alternative to the real thing is on its way.
March 2018
Demystifying thematic equities
Actively-managed by specialists who conduct rigorous company research thematic equity funds are designed to help investors get the most from their...
February 2018
When your house is smarter than you are
In the smart house you won’t have to worry about turning off the lights or adjusting the heating. Innovations do that for you. Cost reduction is your...
February 2018
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