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Asset allocation The investment landscape in 2018
2018 promises to be another good year for equities, thanks to broad-based global economic growth
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit November 2017
Asset allocation Market views and asset allocation - April 2018
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit
Alternative Investments Crypto-currencies: fad or future?
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit February 2018
Emerging Markets Some unintended effects of US-China trade tensions
As tensions between the US and China over trade tariffs escalate, a potentially brighter picture of trade dynamics is emerging.
Patrick Zweifel, Chief Economist April 2018
Search for income The problem with passive bond funds
Passive bond funds are becoming popular with investors, particularly the exchange-traded kind. The trouble is, fixed income doesn't lend itself...
Mickael Benhaim, Head of Fixed Income Investment Strategy & Solutions April 2018
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