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We have been building our fixed income business since the early 1980s, expanding our capabilities over time to meet client needs.

Today we offer our institutional clients a broad spectrum of fixed-income strategies encompassing global strategies and absolute return approaches, investment grade and high yield developed credit, Swiss bonds, emerging market bonds, hedge funds as well as money market funds.

Fixed income at PAM

Source: Pictet Asset Management, all data as at 30.09.2019

Our priority is ensuring that each one of our independent fixed income teams is focused only on investing, while benefiting from the support of our wider platform.

Raymond Sagayam, CIO Fixed Income

Our approach

We do not impose a central investment style on our fixed income teams. But each team adheres to three broad principles:

  • Diversification, which is at the core of all of our fixed income portfolios.
  • A free exchange of ideas generated by our experienced analysts and encouraged by our team-based approach, followed by the clear ownership of investment decisions by the portfolio managers.
  • Risk management, which is key to achieving investment objectives. Our fixed income platform benefits from a dedicated risk management function whose forward-looking analysis helps our managers to calibrate the risk exposure of each client portfolio. Our risk team's scrutiny of portfolio exposure helps drive transparent and precise feedback to our clients on how their assets are truly faring.

Responsible investing

Responsibility has long been central to our company, which is why we are at the forefront of our industry in incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG). 

Integration of ESG factors and sustainability risk have become the norm in our investment processes, including fixed income strategies. For investors who want to go further, we can offer best-in-class approaches. 

The pillars of our responsible approach:

pillars of esg investing at pam

Selected insights

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We have been managing emerging market debt assets since the late 1990s. Over time, we have developed our expertise in all segments of the asset class, with team members located in London and Singapore.

Today, we offer emerging market debt exposure through several investment approaches, covering sovereign and corporate issuers on a global and regional basis.

In our sovereign teams – where we have the longest track records – our goal has always been to provide meaningful exposure to emerging markets with a defensive profile in down markets.

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We believe in a cross-over approach to developed credit investing, embodied by our combined research team for investment grade and high yield. All our developed credit teams are based in our Geneva office and supported by a dedicated risk and trading functions.

We started offering investment grade strategies in the 1980s, followed by high-yield ones the following decade before launching a global sustainable credit approach in 2017.

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Our fixed income absolute return strategies aim to provide investors with steady, risk-adjusted absolute returns despite a diverging yield environment. They are not constrained by any market benchmark and can invest globally across all fixed income sectors. Each strategy is differentiated by its risk-return profile. We place a particular focus on reducing volatility and ensuring liquidity for our investors.

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With our strong experience in fixed income and hedge funds, expanding our investment offering to fixed income hedge funds was a natural progression.

We started with the launch of Kosmos, a global long/short credit strategy, in 2011. Since then, we have also launched the Sirius strategy in 2019, which follows a liquid global macro emerging market long/short fixed income approach, as well as a long/short distressed and special situations debt strategy at the end of 2019.

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We started investing in Swiss bonds in the 1990s.

Today, our long-standing expertise allows us to offer investors a broad range of Swiss bond solutions, ranging from active, semi-active, passive or even SRI investment strategies. The investment style is more strategic than tactical, fundamental and based on a strong capital protection discipline.

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We offer exposure to the global fixed income universe through distinct investment approaches, encompassing global bonds, absolute return and sustainable strategies.

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We started managing money market assets in the 1990s.

Our point of differentiation is that we invest in a broader opportunity-set of money market assets than a typical money market manager. This means we complement a more mainstream money market allocation. 

We offer an established range of four cash product families, domiciled across Luxembourg and Switzerland, and in various currencies: sovereign short-term money market; short-term money market; enhanced liquidity; ultra-short-term bond.

The Pictet Money Market funds are compliant with the new European Money Market Regulation.

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Our team
Our fixed income investment teams are based across our Geneva, London, Hong Kong and Singapour offices, allowing for proximity with the markets they cover. Our fixed income portfolio managers are supported by research analysts who are part of the investment teams, as well as the Pictet Strategy Unit and our economist team. 

The Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit (PSU) is the investment group responsible for providing asset allocation guidance across stocks, bonds, cash and commodities. The group is composed of economists, macro strategists, chief investment officers across asset classes as well as other senior investment managers.

The Economic Analysis team provides top-down analysis for investment teams including updates of economic activity, macroeconomic scenarios and themes with different time horizons, and specific indicators developed in-house. 

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