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US Offshore?

Pictet has been advocating the benefits of diversified portfolios since 1805. Building on this tradition and to meet investors’ changing needs, we have developed a range of multi asset strategies, all of which deploy strategic and tactical allocation to generate attractive returns over the course of an economic cycle.

An established, well-resourced, global platform

Over the past 50 years we have built a well-resourced multi asset investment platform which spans global asset classes and regions.
Pictet Asset Management Multi Asset in numbers
Multi asset at PAM

* Refers to the first institutional multi-asset mandate managed by the Pictet Group prior to the creation of Pictet Asset Management in 1980 as dedicated asset management entity of the Group. The team managing the mandate transferred to Pictet Asset Management.

Source: Pictet Asset Management, data as at 30.09.2019

The evolution of our multi asset franchise

We manage a variety of investment approaches from traditional balanced to cash plus diversified growth strategies across a range of regional markets.
Key milestones in the development of Multi Asset at Pictet Asset Management
Multi asst timeline at pam

Our PSU framework drives robust investment decisions

We believe consistently making the right asset allocation decision is crucial in generating returns.

The Pictet AM Strategy Unit (PSU) is an investment framework that comprises all our investment managers, strategists and economists.

Crucially it is an enabler, not a decider, of final asset allocation. Instead, based on the shared insight generated, we empower our skilled entrepreneurial investment managers to build local portfolios tailored to the needs of clients in each market.
The Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit (PSU) framework unifies our portfolio managers
pictet strategy unit framework
Central to the PSU’s activities is a structured analysis of the global market environment. We do this based on what we think are four key pillars when building multi asset portfolios: macro analysis, liquidity analysis, market valuations and market technicals.
The four key research pillars of our PSU
Research pillars

We believe active management of asset allocation is the most important generator of returns.

Olivier Ginguene
Olivier Ginguené Chief Investment Officer for Asset Allocation & Quantitative Investments

Selected insights

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Our offering for your local market...

We design our Multi Asset strategies according to two factors:

  1. the investment currency - to meet the needs of our clients wherever they are located;
  2. a ‘Relative’ or ‘Absolute Return’ approach – to meet the risk/return profile of our clients.

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Global investment presence with local implementation

Our Multi Asset investment professionals are based in Geneva, Hong Kong, London, Milan, Tokyo and Zurich. This helps them build portfolios based on local investor needs.
multi asset global presence

Our Secular Outlook

Every year, the Pictet AM Strategy Unit publish their Secular Outlook. A key piece of market insight, the Secular Outlook provides the team's latest five year asset class forecasts across all major asset classes. It also features thought-pieces by the team on areas of key investment conviction.

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For more information about our multi asset expertise please contact your Pictet Asset Management representative or a member of the team via the contact details listed below:
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