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Our capabilities

Our aim is to understand our clients' objectives and provide appropriate investment solutions for them.

A number of attributes run through all our capabilities: a focus only on areas of expertise where we believe we can truly deliver for our clients, the pre-eminence of a long-term mind-set, a team approach, the importance of innovation and a collective approach to risk management.

Our capabilities cover our expertise in traditional asset classes such as Equities, where we are perhaps known as the pioneers of Thematic investing, as well as Fixed Income and Emerging Markets. We offer a range of alternative investments such as Absolute Return, Hedge Funds and Multi Asset, and as a leader in Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), our Sustainability capability is a key area of expertise for the firm.   

Our long-term values 

We do not impose a single investment approach across our capabilities. Each investment capability is independent, as we believe this encourages innovation and accountability.

All our investment professionals are encouraged to adopt a long-term mindset, as we believe long-term investing should be the foundation of managing portfolios. This means sometimes we may need to forgo short-term returns to ultimately enhance returns in the long term.

Our investment teams are unified by a collegiate style and adhere to the highest risk management standards.

Adhering strictly to these principles has helped us become a preferred investment partner for our clients.