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Managing European market neutral

Agora is our award-winning equity market neutral strategy that takes a long short approach to investing in European large cap companies.

Our philosophy in managing Agora is in line with the rest of our total return range, in that we aim for positive returns that are uncorrelated to the broader market.

We take a differentiated catalyst-driven approach leading to a high conviction portfolio composed of 35 core investment strategies. The result is a portfolio that has low correlation to equity markets.

Agora is about harnessing the ups and downs of corporate Europe.

Elif Aktuğ, Head of Total Return Agora
We were honoured to receive two awards recently for Agora in 2016. We were named “Best non-directional hedge fund in the equity category' by Hedge Funds Review. We were also voted 'best market neutral fund' by HFM European Performance Awards 2016.