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We have over 100 investment professionals focused on equity investing split across six investment centres: Geneva Zurich London Tokyo Hong Kong and Singapore.

A pioneering approach to equity investing

We are not tied to any particular style or school of investing. This is because we acknowledge there is no single approach that works for all markets at all times. As a result, our equity teams span fundamental, quantitative, style-based and thematic approaches.

Our resources are focused where we believe we have a real competitive advantage and can therefore deliver the results our clients expect.

Philippe de Weck, Chief Investment Officer Equities

As we do not impose a single investment approach, our investment teams have the freedom to develop compelling investment ideas that meet our clients' goals.

This means at times we have been an early mover. For example, we launched our first thematic fund in 1995 and the industry's first water fund in 2000.  Meanwhile our global emerging market equity strategy dates back to the mid 1980s.

We also offer a range of well established global and developed market strategies including defensive global, EAFE, Japan, Europe and Swiss equities.

Our experience in dealing with the rigorous and varied requirements of institutional investors means we are experienced in offering tailored, comprehensive and transparent risk management as an integral part of our ongoing relationship with our clients.