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Healthy living: a long-term investment opportunity

The trend to more healthier lifestyles is generating investment opportunities.

Innovative companies are helping us live healthier lives. From improving the quality and sustainability of the food we eat and cleaning the air we breathe to improving the care we receive. We believe these companies will be long term winners in the global stock market.

The Pictet Healthy Living funds are four actively managed equity funds designed to capture this long-term investment opportunity.

Some of the trends driving this opportunity
Quality of life issues' forecast

Source: World Bank 2015, Grand View Research 2017, European Commission 2015


As the global population grows and ages, governments and companies are increasingly focused on improving our health. As a result, medical sectors are growing strongly.

Value and growth

In dollars

Healthcare sectors growth

Sources: MarketsandMarkets, FMI Analytics, Smithers Apex, BIS Research, Journal of Market Access and Health Policy (2014-2017)

Home care

The home care market is booming. One recent innovation has been mobility and remote diagnostics solutions that make use of technologies such as smart sensors, providing real-time measurements of a patient's health.

size of the global home care market

In dollars

Homecare market expansion

Source: Home Healthcare Market: Global Forecast until 2022


Biotechnology companies apply engineering principles to living organisms. They are generating many exciting opportunities in the healthcare sector.
MAIN areas of innovation
Biotechnological innovations improving overall health

Source: Biotechnology Innovation Organization

From labs to markets

Researchers are working on new fields of application for biotechnology. Once on the market, the value of these companies is expected to rise.
A strong potential
Growing markets thanks to biotechnology

Source: Markets and Markets 2015-2017

Supporting start-ups

In the United States, young companies that are active in biotechnology research are in high demand.
Confident investors
Growing investments in biotechnology start-ups

Source: Ernst and Young 2017

Pictet Asset Management is not active in venture capital. 


As the world's population continues to grow, the demand for food will increase.

The agribusiness boom
Volume and growth
The growth of the food-processing sector

Source: McKinsey 2015

Increasing the quality of our food

Innovations at every level of the food production chain have the potential to improve both food quality and efficiency of processes.
from the field to our plate
Optimising quality of life through innovation

Source: Pictet Asset Management

Waste reduction - a good deal

A good example is waste reduction, as for each dollar invested, companies in the food-processing sector save an average of 14 dollars in operational costs.
A profitable investment
how waste reduction can be a profitable investment

Source: Champions 12.3, 2017

Investing for children's health

Our children's health, where it has been estimated that each dollar spent on providing  a balanced diet can generate potential savings of as much as 166 dollars for public authorities by reducing healthcare costs.
A long-term investment
Investing in children's nutrition

Source: Copenhagen Consensus Center 2015


The Paris Agreement demonstrated the global commitment to limit climate change. In this context, technologies developed in response to environmental challenges are experiencing strong growth.
Value and growth
Annual growth of the environmental market

Source: Pictet Asset Management, 2017

A broad sector

From recycling to agriculture, companies are working across numerous sectors to find more environmentally friendly solutions.
the environmental market by sector
The environmental market by sectors

Source: Pictet Asset Management, 2017


Those countries that invest the most in their residents’ health are all featured in the list of the 10 happiest countries in the world. They also boast a high GDP per capita.
Scandinavia in the spotlight
Happiness relies on the amount of attention paid to health

The American magazine U.S. News and World Report annually ranks countries according to different criteria, including health awareness (expressed by physical activity, diet and public healthcare systems). It is thus possible to draw a link between this criterion and a country’s rank in the World Happiness Report, which is published by the UN every five years and takes into account a number of factors in order to assess each country’s level of happiness. Sources: World Happiness Report 2018, Best Countries Ranking 2017, World Bank database.