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Coronavirus: Message from the Partners
In a time of almost unprecedented global emergency caused by the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, Pictet Asset Management, like so many others is...
April 2020
Market views and asset allocation - May 2020
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit
Our convictions for emerging markets in 2020
Anjeza Kadilli, Senior Economist December 2019
Sovereign debt risk after the virus
How governments were placed on the eve of the coronavirus pandemic will play a significant role in how they emerge from the crisis.
Andres Sanchez Balcazar, Head of Global Bonds, Sabrina Khanniche, Senior Economist May 2020
Investing in electric car technology
From lighter, longer-lasting batteries to a new breed of semiconductors, there are a host of investible technologies powering the electric car...
Xavier Chollet, Senior Investment Manager May 2020
Barometer: An unconvincing rally
Stocks and corporate bonds have roared back following their slump. But complacency might be setting in.
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit May 2020
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