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Coronavirus: Message from the Partners
In a time of almost unprecedented global emergency caused by the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, Pictet Asset Management, like so many others is...
April 2020
Market views and asset allocation - June 2020
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit
Our convictions for emerging markets in 2020
Anjeza Kadilli, Senior Economist December 2019
Barometer: Equities out of step with economy
While economies are beginning to emerge from lockdown, market hopes for a V-shaped recovery look optimistic.
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit June 2020
EMs walk the line - analysing the fiscal response
In our last edition we covered the monetary response to Covid 19 in emerging markets. This time we look at the fiscal side: which markets are making...
Patrick Zweifel, Chief Economist June 2020
Health care, re-invigorated
The health care industry's fight against the coronavirus should boost its long-term investment appeal.
Marc Booty, Senior Investment Manager June 2020
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