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Financial intermediary?

Multi Asset The age of risk
What will be the consequences of an ageing population on the world economy, pension portfolios and financial markets? Higher-risk investing is one...
Supriya Menon, Senior Multi Asset Strategist July 2018
Emerging Markets A tale of two emerging market crises
Anjeza Kadilli, Economist, Nikolay Markov, Senior Economist August 2018
Multi Asset Market views and asset allocation - August 2018
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit
Multi Asset A Secular Outlook: learn to love risk
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit June 2018
Emerging Markets
Broadening horizons: Read travel notes, country and sector views from our economists, equity, fixed income and hedge fund teams.
Emerging Markets Turkey's Ugly Choices
Turkey's government has backed itself into a position where it faces unenviable policy alternatives. Investors are watching closely.
Klaus Bockstaller, Head of Global Emerging Markets (Value) August 2018
Multi Asset Beyond the FAANGs
Think the tech sector's fate is in the hands of a few big name stars? Think again.
Shaniel Ramjee, Senior Investment Manager, Supriya Menon, Senior Multi Asset Strategist August 2018
Emerging Markets Turkey: a canary in the emerging market coalmine?
Investors are concerned that Turkey's currency crisis could destabilise emerging markets and the world economy. That's unlikely.
Alain-Nsiona Defise, Head of Emerging Corporates, Mary-Therese Barton, Head of Emerging Market Debt August 2018
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