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Investors are finding it more difficult than ever to navigate the financial markets due to the growing influence of central banks and an increasingly volatile political climate. Here, our economists, strategists and portfolio managers shed light on the investment developments that matter most.

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Search for income Absolute return in practice: prepared for anything
Thomas Hansen, Senior Investment Manager November 2017
Emerging Markets Emerging markets - Where to find growth in 2019?
Latin America is the only EM region set to do better than last year. We look at the countries with the strongest prospects.
Anjeza Kadilli, Economist January 2019
Search for income China: a balancing act for bond investors
China's growing bond market offers attractive opportunities. Absolute return strategies can make the most of these while using hedges to protect...
Patricia Schuetz, Senior Client Portfolio Manager January 2019
Emerging Markets Five reasons to be optimistic on Russian equities in 2019
Russian equities outperformed Emerging Markets in 2018. In our view, we may see a repeat in 2019.
Hugo Bain, Senior Investment Manager January 2019
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