Our ambition is to attract and retain highly talented individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, and help them to realise their personal and professional potential.

We offer attractive career opportunities in a number of financial centres around the world. Our long-term perspective means we can foster the vision required to develop innovative ideas, creating an environment where independent minds can spark.

Working at Pictet Asset Management

Pictet Asset Management provides specialist investment services through segregated accounts and investment funds to some of the world’s largest pension funds, financial institutions, sovereign wealth funds, intermediaries and their clients. We manage equity, fixed income, alternatives and multi asset strategies for some of the most demanding clients in the world.

We offer employment opportunities to high quality applicants in each of the following areas of the business:

  • The investment side of the business is split into four departments; Active Equities, Fixed Income, Asset Allocation & Quantitative Investments and Operations.
  • The client side of the business has separate sales teams focused on our Institutional and Intermediaries clients, supported by a Marketing & Product department.
  • Our support functions include Risk & Control, Performance analysis, Legal & Compliance, Finance & Fund Administration and Human Resources. 

Our approximately 800 employees are spread across 17 offices worldwide including 7 investment centres (Geneva, Zurich, London, Milan, Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong).

We foster a collaborative working environment which is further developed outside of the office through social events, team away days and involvement in Corporate, Social, Responsibility (CSR) activities. 

Diversity and inclusion

The Pictet Group, a manager-owned partnership, has developed over 200 years a strong culture that supports organic growth with a long-term perspective. A vital source of our success lies in our employees - how we recruit, develop and retain our talent. We believe that diversity of thought and independence of mind create an inclusive working environment which fosters the pursuit of excellence, and our search for the best talent knows no boundaries. We aim to provide career opportunities and advancement based on merit and, aided by our ownership and governance structure, with a long-term focus in mind.

Operating from 17 centres worldwide, Pictet Asset Management aspires to have a highly diverse workforce with a unique range of skills, distinctive talent and varied perspectives in order that we can best serve our clients’ interests and build long-lasting partnerships by exceeding our clients’ expectations. Pictet Asset Management has established a diversity and inclusion awareness programme, delivering key messages about how to incorporate diversity and inclusion into everyday business at all levels of the organization. All leaders and managers learn how unconscious bias can impact decision making. We encourage mentoring, sponsorship and networking for all our employees and have policies in place to support flexibility in the workplace.

Employment opportunities

Experienced hires
When recruiting experienced professionals, we look for people with a passion for excellence, teamwork, integrity and leadership.  We have a wealth of opportunities for new people with fresh perspectives who can help us shape the future of our organisation. We are dedicated to providing our employees with the opportunities and experiences they need to achieve their career potential and grow their knowledge, skills and capabilities.

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Graduate hires
Our graduate programmes offer a unique opportunity to develop a comprehensive view of the asset management industry from marketing and sales to investments, through a series of rotations. Graduate trainees experience between 8 and 10 rotations in a number of international locations over a period of 18 months, enabling them to develop first-hand knowledge and familiarise themselves with our investment teams and our products. They gain exposure to a wide range of experts within the firm and form part of international graduate network.

They also have the opportunity to develop their soft skills through individually tailored training programmes, helping them to deepen their personal branding and communication skills. On the technical side, they prepare for the CFA level 1 and level 2 qualification during the programme. Please see the brochure for more information on the Pictet Asset Management graduate programmes.

Career development

At Pictet Asset Management, we aim to attract and retain highly qualified people from a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds.

Throughout our history, our commitment to career and personal development over the long term has resulted in a turnover rate well below most of our competitors. This in turn has translated into a stability and continuity of service that is appreciated by our clients.

Pictet Asset Management works alongside the Group's Pictet Academy to promote employee development and build the Group's human capital, and in doing so to create the conditions for a more sustainable business performance.

The academy aims to help business units achieve their goals by proposing and implementing initiatives that encourage individual and organizational learning and development.

Compensation, benefits and performance management

At Pictet Asset Management, we seek to motivate and recognize the contribution of each employee through merit-based compensation that is both objective and market-competitive.

In keeping with our core values, we have a remuneration system which is both equitable and fair, encouraging collaboration between colleagues across functions and different business lines, and between offices across the world.

We recognize that, while employees are entitled to expect competitive, fair and transparent compensation, they look to us to offer a more complete reward package. Across the Group, remuneration is complemented by a comprehensive range of market-competitive benefits.

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