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Thematic investing The future's bright, the future's digital
Digital technology has radically changed our lives in the past decade. The rapid progress is set to continue.
October 2018
Multi Asset From rout to recovery
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit November 2018
Search for income Sustainable credit: ESG is key
Frédéric Salmon, Head of Credit September 2018
Thematic investing Invest in tomorrow's cities
Our latest thematic fund aims to capture the strong growth potential of companies finding smarter solutions to the urbanisation challenge.
September 2018
Emerging Markets
Broadening horizons: Read travel notes, country and sector views from our economists, equity, fixed income and hedge fund teams.
Multi Asset The paradox at the heart of the nine-year US stocks rally
Stock buybacks and passive investing is a combination that should worry US equity bulls.
November 2018
Multi Asset Italy's spreading problems
The end of the ECB's quantitative easing programme will put Italian government bonds under more pressure.
Andrea Delitala, Head of Multi Asset Euro, Steve Donzé, Senior Macro Strategist November 2018
Emerging Markets A class apart: emerging Asia's fixed income market
Why investors seeking a stable and attractive source of return within a diversified bond portfolio should head to emerging Asia.
Raymond Sagayam, Chief Investment Officer - Fixed income November 2018
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